pilates and Yoga Instructor training

If your passion for Pilates has guided you towards an interest in becoming an instructor, then it’s time to take control of your future. Re:Gen Pilates proudly offers a full-service, comprehensive Pilates Instructor Training Program! We offer…

Personalized & comprehensive training
Unprecedented access to our state-of-the-art facility and Master Instructor
All requirements to sit for the National Pilates Certification Exam.
This program is taught by Master Pilates Instructor, Jennifer Whitley, who has over 13 years of Pilates instructor and teacher training experience. We work closely with the Pe Pilates Instructor Academy to ensure that our syllabus is up to date and covers every topic taught at Pilates facilities nationwide.

Upcoming Pilates Course Dates
February 24-26 - Mat 101 
March 17-19 Mat 102
April 21-23 Reformer 
May 5-7 Comprehensive
July 28-30 Mat 101
August 25-27 Mat 102
September 23-24 Reformer
October 14-15 Comprehensive

Pilates Instructor Training
Each class will be limited to ten students only to guarantee an intimate classroom experience. Receive hands-on training and studio access!

We grant studio access for self-practice and observation. After testing out you will have the opportunity to do your apprenticeship in our space. This allows learning not only how to be a strong teacher but teaches consistency in your time management and client retention skills. 

Certificate Programs
Mat Certificate
Pilates Fundamental and Mat Module (40 hours of academics and classroom training)
10 Hours of Self Practice (Mat only)
10 Hours of Observation (Mat or Reformer)
Written and Practical Exam
Reformer Certificate
Mat Certificate
Anatomy Certificate (offered separately)
Reformer Module (40 Hours of academics)
25 Hours of Self Practice (Reformer)
25 Hours of Observation (Reformer)
150-Hour Apprenticeship (Reformer and Mat)
Written and Practical exam
Comprehensive Certificate
*Note: This certificate meets PMA Standards. Students of this program are eligible to sit for the PMA exam.

Mat and Reformer Certificates
Tower/Chair/Barrels Module (20 Hours of Academics)
15 Hours of Self Practice
15 Hours of Observation
150-Hour Apprenticeship (Includes all apparatus)
The comprehensive program takes, on average, in between six to twelve months to complete. This depends on student availability, scheduling, and motivation to complete the course.

Upcoming Yoga Course Dates
Orientation - January 13th
Jan 28/29th Module 1 - More Than Poses
Feb 4/5 Module 2 - The System of Yoga 
Feb 18/19 Module 3 - You are a Conduit
March 4/5 Module 4- The Building Blocks 
March 25/26 Module 5 - Constant Flow 
April 1/2 Module 6 - The Craft of the Climb
April 15/16 Module 7 - The Pinnacle 
April 29/30 Module 8 - Finding Your Pathway
Final Exams - May 1-15th

Yoga Instructor Training
You’ve thought about it. You’ve dreamed about it. You’ve wondered if YOU could do it. Could YOU be at the front of the room, leading students through the humbling journey of conquering a new pose? Could YOU turn your passion into your profession? Could YOU be a yoga teacher?

Re:Vive Yoga Teacher Training 200-Hour Yoga Program gives you all the tools you need to answer all of those questions with a confident, resounding YES.

With a unique curriculum structure designed by a credentialed teacher, Re:Vive’s program is centered around student interaction, inquiry, and innovation that puts YOU at the center of the action from day one.

Our intimate, small trainings allow you to experience true mentorship, receive meaningful feedback, and explore your own individualized path towards becoming the incredible Yoga teacher you were born to be! You’ll leave this training with the in-depth knowledge and hands-on practice you’ll need to audition for any studio with polish, professionalism, creativity, and confidence, ready to teach artfully crafted classes to a wide range of experience levels. Our dynamically layered, in-depth and student-centered training is unlike any other training in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and whether you plan to hit the ground running and begin your yoga teaching career right away or if you are simply looking to deepen your personal practice, Re:Vive Yoga Teacher Training will help deliver you there with compassion and support through our intelligently crafted curriculum and clear, easy-to-follow instruction.

How to Get Started
We want to make sure we’re the right fit for you! All applicants must be interviewed prior to being accepted into our program. We highly recommend prior fitness instructor experience and/or Pilates equipment experience. The more you know coming into our program, the more likely it is for you to succeed!

We are truly excited to offer in our new teaching facility not only Pilates Training but Yoga Training as well. Also knowing that in order to keep evolving as a teacher, CEU’S are a must. These must be maintained for your National Pilates Certification. With that need we plan to have special guest teachers a few times a year! Get excited DFW your Pilates CEU’S 

If you would like to learn more about our pricing, schedule, and availability—or if you just have more questions—please reach out to us! We look forward to hearing from you and guiding you on your path towards becoming a Pilates instructor. It’s time to take control of your future and make a decision that will give you a lifelong reward. Give others the gift of strength, balance, and a happy life through the power of Pilates!Privates will be a customized workout based on your personal needs as a client. We take every precaution to ensure the safest and most personalized experience possible. Private sessions will utilize the full equipment package including the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, and Combo Chair. Contact us today to learn more about our private Pilates workout options.