Tuition: $3000
Deposit: $750 (non-refundable & applied towards tuition)
What's included: All Training Modules, Textbooks & Manuals, Certification Exam and 30 Class Package (valid for any yoga class at Re:Gen)
September 5,7,9 - Module 1: More Than Poses
 September 19, 21, 23 - Module 2: The System of Yoga
September 26, 28, 30 - Module 3: You are a Conduit
 October 10, 12 ,17, 19 - Module 4: The Building Blocks
Tuesday & Thursday meetings are 11:00am-2:00pm,
Saturday meetings are 9:00am-4:00pm
Yoga Classes may be used at your own pace and schedule.
October 24 ,26, 28 - Module 5: Constant Flow
November 7, 9, 11 - Module 6: The Craft of the Climb
November 14, 16, 18 - Module 7: The Pinnacle
November 28, 30, December 1 - Module 8: Finding Your Pathway
Exam Practice/Final Exams: by appointment beginning 12/3
 What will I learn?
Module 1: More Than Poses
- an introduction to the many sub-layers of yoga. This module will introduce you to basic concepts of yoga philosophy and practice. Using self-inquiry, observation, and practice, you’ll begin to explore the effects of your yoga practice on your body, breath, and mind and put them to work on your mat, as both a student and teacher. Module 2: The System of Yoga
- a deep interactive dive into the philosophical and physical concepts introduced in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, examining yoga’s system for physical yoga practice, meditation, and every day living.
Module 3: You are a Conduit
- an exploration of the flow of energy in the body and the many playing fields on which we experience energetic flow, including the main conductor of energy in the body, the spine. This module will teach you to use the energetic flow of the spine to create and teach sequences
Module 4: The Building Blocks
- The Sun Salutations are the fundamental building blocks of the vinyasa yoga practice. This module will not only give you a deep, anatomical understanding of the Sun Salutations, but will also introduce direct and effective cueing, and how to effortlessly use them as springboards for intuitively creative sequencing.
Module 5: Constant Flow
- This module details the hallmarks of “Flow,” the concept that creates an amazing yoga class. In addition to exploring the proper alignment and technique of the poses in this module, you will also learn to recognize the functional similarities in poses, choreograph and cue transitions, and alternate workloads in order to create a class full of interest and challenge, building off of the concepts learned in Module 4.
Module 6: The Craft of the Climb
- Along with continuing to refine pose technique, this module gives you the cheat codes to creating amazing, easy to remember sequences using our proprietary class format templates.
Module 7: The Pinnacle
- This module uses a layered, methodical approach to practice and teach advanced poses, such as arm balancing and inversions, allowing you to find both new space in your own practice and lead your students safely into uncharted territory
Module 8: Finding Your Pathway
- This module uses Stephen Cope’s “The Great Work of Your Life” to explore the concept of dharma, or purpose. This module will also cover the professional essentials you need to begin your career as a yoga professional.
 Are there additional hours required after the training for certification?
No, you will have completed all required hours for certification after final exams have been completed.
How many people will be admitted into the training?
In order to maintain a robust learning environment, this training will be limited to 6 trainees.
Can I make payments?
Yes! After your initial deposit of $750, the remaining balance can be broken up into 3 payments of $750. We will set up your remaining payment schedule after your deposit has been received.
What if I have to miss a meeting?
Missing a meeting is strongly discouraged, as you will miss content required for certification and will need to schedule a make-up with your trainer. Make-up hours are $80/hour (contact hours only)
  Casey Merkling, E-RYT 200
Meet Your Trainer
Casey Merkling has been teaching yoga for 11 years and has been training teachers since 2015. She is known for her lighthearted, dance-like flows and direct, methodical instruction. She's taught every level of student in a variety of settings, including boutique studios, substance abuse recovery centers, public schools, and even Alo Yoga Corporate Offices. In addition to her experience teaching on the mat, Casey brings a wealth of fitness industry knowledge management, branding, and more.
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