June 17th,2023

"The first time I saw someone do crow pose in a class, my jaw dropped! How was this person next to me balancing her entire adult body on top of her arms? It just didn’t seem possible! Little did I know that arm balancing requires much so more than just strength!

This workshop is designed to open every door you need in order to find progression in your arm balancing practice, including how to adjust poses for your own body geometry, find and manipulate your center of gravity, unlock areas of tightness, get comfortable with your exit plan, and more. With a unique layered approach, this workshop will lead you confidently and safely into unexplored territory. It doesn’t matter if you are a student just beginning to explore the idea of flight, a seasoned practitioner seeking to learn new tricks, or an instructor looking for new, efficient, and effective ways to lead your students into arm balances, this workshop will take you there and beyond."

$60 per person 
Limit of 12 total 
Must Be Paid In Full To reserve