February 1oth-11th, 2023

Friday Schedule: 1 pm to 7:30 pm (with a 30 min break built in)

The Classical Chair and Beyond: 3 hours
Description: This workshop will include a review of the classical chair repertoire and will also explore fresh content and creative transitions. We will look at how sequencing the exercises, using transitions, and limiting spring changes will make teaching classes on the chair flow more easily and deliver powerful results.

Tower and Mat Workshops: 3 hours
Learn classical and creative approaches to teaching Tower/Mat classes. You'll learn sequences that will help you flow your classes by minimizing equipment changes so your clients are always moving. This workshop will end with a class that ties all the information together.

Saturday Schedule: 11 am - 5:30 pm (with a 30 min break built in)

The Advanced Reformer: 6 hours
In this workshop you'll learn the level IV-V exercises and how to apply them to your daily teaching. Creative transitions will be taught so you can create a flow for you more advanced clients. Progressions and modifications will also be covered, so you can teach variations when the fullest version of an exercise may not be appropriate.

$700 To Be Paid In Full To reserve

For nearly two decades, Carrie Pages has
dedicated her work, life, and creativity towards
sharing the gifts of Pilates with her students. She is
the owner and senior instructor of In Balance
Pilates Studio and founder and facilitator of the In
Balance Pilates Teacher Training Program. In
2016, Carrie won The Pilates Anytime Next
Instructor Competition. Her most recent project,, is an online resource for
students and instructors to take classes, observe
instructional tutorials, watch demonstrations of the
classical exercises, and get studio management
tips. Carrie lives in Wilmington, NC with her
husband, two children and beautiful Boston Terrier.

Meet The Instructor

“Carrie’s teaching style is so refreshing, and I really resonate with her way of presenting
everything Pilates. I’ve been a teacher for about 7 years now, and it’s easy to start
getting into a rut. It’s also difficult to find fresh forms of inspiration. I’ve found that in Carrie!"-MS

imagery by @pilatesanytime