3 Fitness Benefits of Practicing Pilates, Spin, and Yoga Together

When it comes to personal fitness, Pilates, spin, and yoga classes are all viable options, and we offer all three of them at our fitness studio in Prosper. However, people seem to be attached to the idea that they’re mutually exclusive. There are some who align themselves to yoga or Pilates exclusively or will fight to the death to defend their spin classes, and you may have felt their judgmental gaze in the past when you say you’re on one of the other “teams.”

In reality, there are a variety of benefits that come with doing all three programs together! You’re not compromising yourself by committing to two workouts at once — you’re actually giving your body a much wider and more well-rounded variety of exercise! In this blog post, we’ll look at some reasons why it’s beneficial to practice all of them together. If you’re in or around the Prosper, TX area, consider stopping by Re:Gen Pilates, Spin, and Yoga today to give each program a try!

You’ll Achieve a Harmony of Relaxation, Movement, and Cardio

It’s silly to confine yourself to just one program because they each offer fundamentally different things. Yoga is arguably focused primarily on relaxation and relief for the body and soul, with the physical benefits as a secondary bonus. Pilates is somewhat the opposite — your physical improvement is the name of the game, with relaxation being a prominent, but secondary perk. And then there are spin/cycle classes, which are mostly devoted to the cardiovascular aspect, which is mostly absent from the other programs.

Pilates, Yoga, and Spin all work together to help your fitness by giving you a healthy dose of relaxation, physical toning, and cardio exercise.

You’ll Learn New Breathing Techniques

One of the most foundational aspects of Pilates, yoga and spin is the idea of body awareness. You learn how to control your body in very meticulous ways, from the way you move your muscles to the way you breathe.

Pilates, yoga and spin all have different breathing techniques that are different from each other in their own rights. You’ll learn how to breathe in order to maximize your relaxation, how to bring awareness to your lung space to aid in fitness, and how to breathe through continuous exercises, such as cycling.

You’ll Achieve a More Comprehensive Workout To Your Whole Body

In any exercise program, there are inevitable parts of the body that get ignored, and some that are highly favored. If you only stick with one program, you’ll excel in certain areas, but lack in others.

A combination of Pilates, yoga and spin is ideal because you’re getting a little bit of everything. Your flexibility will benefit highly from yoga, your core will receive ample attention from Pilates, and your legs will get quite a workout from spin. From a fitness standpoint, it’s a trifecta of effective and balanced exercise!

Pilates, Spin and Yoga at Your Local Prosper Fitness Studio

If you’ve been looking for a new workout program or considering adding something new to your regimen, consider doing Pilates, yoga and spin together! At Re:Gen Fitness Studio, we happily serve the people of the Prosper, TX area to meet their fitness needs. We’re always happy to have students that experiment with multiple programs, and we hope you will too! Contact us today if you have any questions, and consider dropping by one of our classes!


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