At Home Workout Safety Tips

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While the world slowly starts to open up, many gyms and fitness centers are still being extra cautious about their facilities, and for a good reason. No matter when you personally feel comfortable coming back into our facility, there are still people that will want to wait and continue to work out at home. Today, we will be going over some safety tips that you can easily implement to make sure that you’re protecting your body. Keep reading to learn more! 


Continue Your Usual Exercise Patterns

Most of us have more time on our hands, and with all that, you may find it tempting to try out a new workout form. However, it may be best to stick to your usual routine. If you’re someone who uses body weight workouts, taking up running may end up injuring yourself and causing more damage. We love the determination, but you want to make sure that if you are trying a new workout form that you’re slowly easing yourself into it. You don’t want to injure yourself and create bigger problems down the line. 


If you’ve been working with a trainer or doing specific exercises for your body, make sure that you continue to do so. This will continue to keep your body moving and healing in the proper form, even if you can’t work with them one on one. 


Clear Your Space

Before you start working out, you want to make sure that you’ve made sure that your space is cleared. The last thing you want to worry about is accidentally hitting a glass vase or knocking down a painting, especially if you’re doing a zoom workout or livestream. Make sure that your space is cleared and that you can move freely around it. Not only will this help prevent any damages to your home but also can prevent any injuries or falls. 


Wear Proper Exercise Clothing 

It may be tempting to save yourself some laundry and just workout in a big tshirt and sweatpants, but it’s important to wear proper exercise clothing. Of course, exercise clothing is made to keep your body moving freely and cool during a workout. While we love our sweatpants and sweatshirts, these baggier pieces of clothing can get in the way and may even hold us back from doing our best exercise. Wearing proper clothing can also help put you in the workout mindset. You’re also more likely to workout if you’re dressed and ready for it. We know it may be difficult to motivate yourself to get up and work out but dressing the part can really make a difference. 


Wearing proper shoes is also key. Think about the type of exercise you are doing and what you would wear for that. If you’re doing yoga, bare feet are fine. If you’re doing Pilates, you may want to be barefoot or opt for special pilates socks. If you’re doing a high-intensity workout, make sure that you wear proper tennis shoes. 


Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

It’s important to understand that this time may not be the time when you’re making the most progress. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, or want to live an all-around healthier lifestyle, be kind to yourself. Remember that all your hard work isn’t going to waste and that you’re not going to lose all your progress. We encourage you to make your mental health as big of a priority as your physical health. If you’re not working out as much as you usually would, that’s completely okay too! With everything going on, your workout routine may get pushed to the backburner for now and you shouldn’t be hard on yourself because of that. 


At Re:Gen Pilates, we hope that you’re staying safe and healthy at home. We know that this time is extremely unknown, but we are doing our best to try and keep our business going. While we are currently closed due to the climate we are excited to reopen and can’t wait to see you all again soon. For more information about online classes, reopening, or what we are doing, please reach out to us directly and follow our social media to keep up! 



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