What are Barre Classes Like?

You may have been hearing a bunch of buzz about barre classes lately without really knowing what they entail. Today, we at Re:Gen Pilates want to clear up some questions you may have about our barre method classes and help you decide if this is the right class for you! Of course, you can always call us and try a class out; just let us know.

How to Describe Barre

We know it can be hard to describe exactly what barre is, but we are here to help. Barre classes are usually a combination of postures and popes that have been inspired by ballet, pilates, and yoga. We use the barre (yes, a real ballet barre!) to balance while focusing on isometric strength training. This form of training is when you hold your body still and focus on contracting certain muscle groups, then combine this with other small movements. Don’t be shocked if the class includes some small weights to heighten the burn!

The Appeal of Barre Classes

Barre classes have begun appearing all over the country, and some people are wondering why. Women tend to see awesome results when they give barre classes a try, which could be one major reason. However, these classes include everything that a well-rounded exercise regimen needs, from cardio to flexibility and strength training. With all of those benefits in one place, it’s no wonder women are starting to get passionate about barre classes and techniques.

Benefits of Barre

The benefits of barre classes can range from improved posture to weight loss, and increased flexibility to reduced stress. Many participants notice that they have better muscle definition once they begin barre classes. The best news is, just about anyone can sign up for barre. Even pregnant women are invited to try these classes, as they are low impact classes and can often help with instability issues.

What to Expect

Once you’ve decided to sign up for a barre class at our studio here in Prosper, you’ll want to know what to expect! The typical class will start with a warm-up and some upper body exercises to get everything working together. This will include working out your biceps, triceps, chest, and back muscles. Next, your instructor will likely have you move to the barre where you use your own bodyweight as resistance for your leg training. Of course, this is a barre class, so you can expect your core to be engaged and working hard the entire time. The barre cool-down usually includes a series of stretches to help your muscles recover and improve your flexibility. Most classes are an hour long!

What to Wear

Think about what you would wear to a yoga class. Leggings, a sports bra, and a tank top are perfect for barre. The best part? No worries about clunky running shoes! Some places will allow you to do the class barefoot while others will require you to wear special socks. Grippy socks are a good choice to keep you from slipping around during the workout.

Barre and Cardio

While many people probably won’t think of barre as being an inherently cardiovascular-based class, we can guarantee that you will work up a sweat. Barre combines cardio with strength training for an all over workout. Keep in mind that the focus is on strengthening the muscles, and muscle tissue burns 15 times as many calories as fat. This means that the stronger you become, the more calories your body will be burning!

If you are ready to give barre class a try, please contact us! We look forward to having you in our Prosper studio!


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