Cycling Class and What to Expect

While we know you’ve heard of cycling classes, you probably haven’t made your way to one just yet if you’re reading this article. However, if you are starting to feel that enticing pull of a killer playlist and a high-energy environment, this might just be the spot for you. These classes can seem like a lot if you’re a beginner to the cycling class scene, but no worries—we are here to help you feel more at ease. Here’s what you need to know before you stop by our Re:Cycle classes!

The Class Changes

While riding the stationary bike at the gym may not have been your thing, a cycling class is a whole different ballgame. Your instructor will have you move from sitting to standing, high resistance to low resistance, and slow to fast speeds the entire time. When you change the settings, it’ll feel just like you’re conquering rough terrain outside with sprints, hill climbs, and coasting. Of course, all these things combined means that this is no easy class. Your body will push oxygen to your muscles faster, you’ll be working your legs to their max, and you’ll most definitely be sweating!

Plan Ahead

If you want to make sure you are absolutely ready for your first cycling class, make sure to pay attention to our top tips:

  • Wear the right gear. You will be working up quite a sweat, so make sure to wear some moisture-wicking clothes to stay comfortable. You won’t necessarily need special cycling shoes, but those are available if you want to dedicate some kicks to your new hobby! Feel free to call ahead and ask what type of footwear is preferred in the cycling studio.
  • Get a seat. Unlike classes without equipment where you can just sort of find space, cycling classes fill up fast…and sharing isn’t exactly an option. With that said, reserve your spot ahead of time to make sure you get a seat. If you are new to cycling classes, avoid the urge to go sit in the back. You’ll have an easier time following along if you stay somewhere you can easily see and hear the instructor.
  • Adjust the bike. While it’s challenging to find the perfect fit on a stationary bike, it will be absolutely worth it in the long run. The general rule is to adjust the seat to be even with your hip. The handlebars should be placed so that there is no strain on your neck and back. Some bicycles allow for you to strap your feet into the pedals. If this is the case, the balls of your feet should be resting in the center of the pedal. Make sure they are secure!
  • Learn the numbers. Most instructors will call out a number to indicate how your body should be positioned at any given time. For example, position one is usually sitting, position two is hovering slightly over the seat, and position three is more of a hinge forward over the handles.
  • Find the resistance knob. While your stationary bike won’t have gears, there will be a knob to adjust the resistance in the pedals. This determines exactly how hard you need to push in order to get increase your revolutions per minute.
  • Bring a sweat towel. Trust us, this is one tough workout. With that said, you will be sweating a lot! Having a sweat towel draped over the handlebars will keep you feeling ready to towel off when necessary. Swigging water is also encouraged during class to stay hydrated!
  • Find ways to make it fun. Some classes will have certain themes while others are just meant to pump you up with energizing music. Whatever your preference is, you can find a class that will meet your needs! Come in with a good attitude, and you’ll be amazed at how good you’ll feel after class.

Re:Gen Pilates’ Re:Cycle Class

What sets our cycling classes apart from the rest of the classes out there in Prosper? We are first and foremost a Pilates studio, meaning that we understand how to use our core to protect our bodies. We ensure that all of our clients are using proper alignment and take the time to show them how each movement should feel.

This cardio class is 45 minutes of spinning and 10 minutes of core work and stretching. After all that hard work, you’re sure to stroll out of our studio with an exhausted smile. Whether you want to improve your cardio skills or get a jumpstart on melting off that excess weight, we can help. And, with a maximum class size of eight students, you can be sure that your workout will feel personalized and motivating! We’ll bring the towels, you bring the energy! Water is available for purchase, but feel free to bring your own water bottle as well.


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