What to Know Before Your First Barre Class

If you’ve heard about barre classes, we aren’t surprised. They are becoming more and more popular across the country, and Prosper is no exception. It’s all with good reason too, as class-goers tend to see very fast results from these classes. Before you show up to your first barre class to see what the excitement is about, take these things into consideration!

Register Ahead of Time

Some studios are busier than others, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Reserve your spot in your class ahead of time. Either call in and ask for a spot or see if there is a way to book a mat online. The good news is, there is no “bad spot” in a barre class. We know your workout won’t change, no matter where you end up sitting in the class!

Dress Appropriately

This is a workout class, so be prepared for that! You won’t need your shoes, though. Just like yoga studios, barre will require that you take off your shoes before class begins. Some places require you to wear socks while others make you take class barefoot. However, don’t stress about this. Most studios will let you know what they prefer ahead of time. You can find sticky socks or studio wraps for sale online as well, which can also help you in your classes.

Aside from your footwear, you will want to wear tighter-fitting fitness clothes. Even though your urge might be to wear a baggy shirt and shorts, your instructor will need to check your alignment and technique while class progresses. A comfy pair of leggings and an athletic tank top should do the job!

Be Ready to Use Additional Weights

A lot of barre classes will include the use of resistance bands, free weights, and other additional fitness tools. Before class gets started, your instructor will probably tell you ahead of time what you will need. You will be able to choose the weight you use. Even though a one-pound weight may seem too easy, we promise that after using them for a minute, your arms are going to be on fire. Make things easy on yourself: grab two sets of weights so you can bounce back and forth as your body needs. You can start with the heavier weight and switch to the lightweight if it becomes too much. Of course, maintaining proper form is the most important part!

Pay Attention to Class Experts

There will likely be a handful of people in your class who have been doing barre for quite some time. Since these workouts tend to follow a similar formula, these regulars can really help you feel more confident in the movements. Watch what they do and follow closely behind! This is a particularly useful exercise to do when doing pulses. You could actually be moving more than you need to, so pay attention!

Mentally Prepare

Barre is hard, and we want you to know this ahead of time. Of course, you can do it—we know you can! But just know that your muscle groups are going to tire one by one, leaving you feeling pretty sore the next day. If the burn gets to be too much, feel free to pause for a second and take a break. Do what you need to in order to save your muscles additional strain! As you get used to the new technique, your first few classes are probably going to hurt. However, if you keep going, it will get easier over time.

Have a Whole Fitness Plan

Don’t plan on taking barre class every day! Your body will need time to recover from the hard workouts, and barre is certainly going to demand recovery time. Instead of going to barre every day, think of it as a supplement to the rest of your workout regimen. If you do just cardio without strength training, barre is a great choice!

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