Don’t Fall for These Common Pilates Myths

As certified experts at Re:Gen Pilates, you can bet we’ve heard it all when it comes to common Pilates myths and misconceptions. A lot of people don’t actually have a solid understanding of what Pilates is, causing them to circulate misinformation that a lot of people end up taking as fact.

We have been teaching high-quality Pilates classes to people in the Prosper area for years, so you can bet we know the truth from the fiction. Don’t buy into these common myths about Pilates!

Myth: Pilates is for Women

You need not look far to shut this myth down. All it takes is to look at the founders of Pilates himself, Joseph Pilates. The inspiration came to him during World War One, and the form of exercise was eventually developed as a rehabilitation method for soldiers who, unsurprisingly, were overwhelmingly male.

In modern times, Pilates has grown to be associated with women, but the bottom line is that it’s just as ideal for men. After all, it’s not like the areas it’s strengthening are exclusive to one sex — both male and female have a lot to benefit from developing their flexibility and core strength.

Myth: Pilates is too Easy

We’re not sure where this fun little myth came from, but it must have been from someone who’s never tried Pilates because anyone who’s done Pilates for a meaningful amount of time can tell you just how taxing it can be on your body.

One of the main ideas behind Pilates is maintaining different poses and positions that improve your body awareness and building your core strength. None of those things are a walk in the park, and when you engage in a Pilates class, we can guarantee you’ll be working up a sweat.

Myth: You Need Equipment

Many people are turned off by Pilates, because they see it as a form of exercise that requires equipment. This, of course, is silly and akin to saying that weights are required for resistance training.

In reality, there are a lot of Pilates exercises that utilize equipment, but it sure isn’t lacking for movements and positions if you’re just looking to get a workout on your mat. At Re:Gen Pilates, our classes utilize equipment, but we will provide it for you, and if you want to practice at home, there is a sizable amount of equipment-free exercises at your disposal.

Quality Pilates Classes in the Prosper Area

If you’re in or around the Prosper area, consider dropping by Re:Gen for some high-quality Pilates classes! There are many benefits that you could enjoy from Pilates, such as improved flexibility, increased body awareness, helpful breathing techniques, and of course, much-improved core strength.

In addition to Pilates, we offer other classes that engage your body in different ways. Many Pilates lovers will love trying out our Barre, Yoga, and Spin classes! Each one of these has similarities to Pilates, while being much different at the same time. Whether you’re a Pilates veteran who’s coming to hone your skill or a newcomer who’s open to trying any one of these fitness programs, we invite you to check out our schedule and stop by today!


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