How to Stay Committed to Your Fitness Program

At Re:Gen Fitness Center, we are strong believers in the power of exercise. A healthy body will lead to sustained happiness and a higher quality of life, and we’re happy to help any of our Prosper Clients to experience those benefits. Whether it’s through our Pilates program, spin and yoga classes, or Barre courses, you’ll find a variety of fitness options, all designed to work towards different goals.

However, none of that is very useful if you can’t maintain your fitness regimen! Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to lose steam, and you shouldn’t feel bad if it’s happened to you multiple times before. That just means you need to try again! Next time you’re falling off the horse with your fitness routine, try taking to heart the following tips:

Make Obtainable Goals

The problem with fitness is that it often feels arbitrary. The reality is that it’s much easier for us to follow through with things when we see measurable, immediate results. It validates our efforts and gives us reason to keep going.

Unfortunately, when it comes to exercising, not only is it hard work, but you’re not going to see results immediately. The results will come, but it could be days or weeks before you notice a change. That makes it harder to continue on without a well-developed sense of self-discipline.

That’s why setting goals is so helpful when it comes to fitness! When you draw a line in the distance and say “I’m trying to get there,” it makes the day-to-day stuff feel more arbitrary because you know it’s just one step in the long-term process. If you haven’t developed a habit in the past of setting goals for your fitness routines, start now!

Record Your Progress

Another essential step in finding the motivation to stick with your exercise routine is to record your progress. There are many ways to do this; on paper, logging things on your phone, writing in journals, and so on. If your workout is one that leads to muscle development or weight loss, photos are probably the best motivation. You can not only see the visible change that your body has gone through, you can also compare the new and improved version of yourself to the old one!

When somebody sees a healthy, fit version of themselves next to an older photo where they’re flabbier, unhappier, weaker, or all of the above, it’s an amazing validation that their hard work has not been for nothing. Fitness is far more exciting when you’re able to see how far you’ve come, so be sure to turn this into a habit!

Do a Workout That You Enjoy

We believe that this one is foundational to someone’s personal fitness. Yes, there are people out there who are able to push through something they loathe, through sheer willpower, to hone their body and build those muscles. Unfortunately, most people don’t fit that description, and if you’ve already burned out on workouts in the past, you probably don’t either.

At Re:Gen Fitness Center, we think that your enjoyment is foundational to workout program. There’s no better way to burn out than to do something you hate over and over. That’s why we offer several varieties of classes, that are aimed at satisfying different fitness needs and preferences. Whether you’re taking our Spin and Yoga classes, dancing in Barre, or getting a full Pilates workout in our Re:Form class, we know that you’ll find something you love.

If you’re in or around the Prosper area and want to get started on a fitness routine that you don’t intend to abandon, check out our class schedule, or stop by today!


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