Make the Most Out of Summer With Outdoor Pilates

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It’s kind of hard to believe, but summer is already on its last legs. With a little less than a month of this sunny season left, a lot of folks are scrambling to cram in as many outdoor activities as they can. Texas has less oppressive winters than many other states, but that doesn’t mean that things don’t get pretty chilly here in Prosper.

If you’re wondering how to make the most of the rest of your summer, why not try outdoor Pilates? While we love seeing our indoor classes full of students here at ReGen, Pilates is something you can do on your own time, and luckily, you can do it almost everywhere!

Want to enjoy some fun in the sun? Here are some things you should know about outdoor Pilates:

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Joseph Pilates Was All For It

Joseph Pilates, as you might expect, is the original creator of Pilates, and he was an advocate of outdoor fitness. If you think that Pilates needs to be contained to an indoor studio, think again — Joseph’s first iterations of his workout method originated when he was interned in an enemy camp during World War I. If he could do it in an enemy war camp, you can certainly do it on a nice grassy patch!

Joseph was vocal in his praise for fitness in general, and he loved exercising outside — going as far as to recommend wearing as little clothing as possible. Yeah, you don’t need to follow that advice, but otherwise, we’re all in with Joseph when it comes to outdoor fitness.

You Should Definitely Bring a Mat

First and foremost, a quality fitness mat is typical for any Pilates workout, regardless of location. Even when you’re working out in the cushy indoors, using a mat is considered best-practice. Fitness mats are designed to have the right traction for the types of movements you do in Pilates, and they also conveniently catch most of your sweat. Better to have to clean a mat than to sweat all over the floor!

It should be no surprise, then, that a mat is a must-have when you’re outside. I mean, you can manage without it, but don’t come running to us if it ends up being uncomfortable. A mat gives you some proper cushioning outside, and it’s a good way to avoid getting grass stains. Just make sure you’re placing your mat in a spot where the environment isn’t going to damage it. For example, a nice soft patch of grass is better than gravelly rocks.

If you want the best possible scenario, just buy a separate mat for outdoor use entirely. It’s good to have a nice mat for indoor use, and if you’re constantly taking it outside, it’ll become more susceptible to wear and tear.

Don’t Be Afraid to Keep it Simple

If you’re a regular student at our ReGen Pilates classes, you probably know all too well that various equipment, props, and accessories are often used in our workouts. It is, of course, impractical to bring all of these things to the great outdoors. But, a ReGen student would also know that there are plenty of exercises that require no equipment at all, and these are great choices for your outdoor Pilates routine!

Pilates, much like yoga, tests your body’s flexibility and core strength by putting you through various controlled poses and positions. These movements are great to practice outside when you don’t want to burden yourself with a bunch of equipment.

That’s not to say that you can’t use objects at all. You may not be able to lug a full-body reformer out into the wild, but objects like medicine balls, toning rings, and elastic bands are pretty manageable. If you want advice on how to engineer an outdoors-friendly Pilates routine, don’t be afraid to ask our instructors at ReGen!

Outdoor Pilates Can Be a Stress Reliever

This isn’t really a tip as much as it is a fun fact. Did you know that spending time outdoors has been associated with various health benefits? Indeed, hanging out with Mother Nature can lower your blood pressure and reduce the presence of stress hormones in your body. There is still much research being done about the effects of outdoor exposure on your mental health, but many scientists speculate that green plants such as trees release pheromones which help us feel at ease.

The best part? Working out is also its own form of stress relief. It’s well-documented that physical fitness benefits the brain as much as the body, so by doing Pilates outside, you’re essentially giving yourself a big double dose of sweet, sweet stress relief.

Don’t Forget Sunscreen

This one isn’t directly related to Pilates, and it may seem super obvious, but we feel compelled to mention it anyway — don’t forget your sunscreen! It’s pretty common for people to associate sunscreen with certain activities, like visiting the pool or going on a long hike. Many Pilates workouts can be done in an hour or less, so you may not think you need it, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Outdoor Pilates is quite often done under direct sunlight, and you may be baring more skin than usual if you’re wearing workout clothes. If you end up getting a sunburn, it could throw off your workout routine for days, and we all know how important consistency is if you want to build a habit of physical fitness!

Yoga Is Also an Option

While we write a whole lot about Pilates in our ReGen blogs, we also teach yoga, Barre, and Spin at our fitness studio. While the latter two aren’t quite suited for outdoor activity, yoga is perfect for it. There are many similarities between Pilates and yoga, and you might find it to be an easier option because there are more ways to do an equipment-free workout.

As always, we encourage you to contact us if you have questions on how to formulate a good outdoor-friendly yoga workout. And, naturally, we invite you to attend our yoga classes! By regularly taking classes in a fitness studio setting, there’s a lot that you can learn which you can take home and apply in your own personal workouts.

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Pilates Classes In Our Prosper Fitness Studio

Now, before you excitedly run off to the park for some Pilates action, it’s important to remember that you need to have the skills and experience to build your own workout! And to that end, there’s no better option than attending our Pilates classes at ReGen Fitness Studio. Our Pilates instructors are highly qualified, and they go out of their way to ensure that every student is getting the most out of their session. We’ll help you begin your Pilates journey, and if you keep coming back, you’ll be amazed at how much stronger you begin to feel.

And, like we mentioned above, Pilates isn’t the only thing we offer. Yoga, Barre, and Spin are also staples of our studio, and we’re also proud to be part of the Lagree Fitness System. No matter which one you choose, the important part is that you’re honing your physical fitness. Are you in the Prosper area and ready to get started with ReGen? Check out our class schedule, and be sure to contact us today!


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