6 Benefits of a Full-Body Workout

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It’s never easy finding out what workout routine works best for you. There are about ten thousand different ways you could put your body to work, and they vary greatly in difficulty and effectiveness. Will you opt for the old classics such as daily pushups and pullups at home? Will you buy a gym membership and go nuts pursuing targeted muscle workouts? Or will you try out a new innovative program that works out your whole body in every session?

Well, just between us, we offer the latter here at Re:Gen Fitness, and we’re firsthand witnesses to it being an amazing solution for countless people. What we’re talking about is the Lagree Fitness Program, a unique workout method that has been taking the country by storm. This workout utilizes the revolutionary Megaformer machine to provide a highly versatile and dynamic workout that hits every part of your body.

This draws concern from fitness enthusiasts who insist that targeted muscle groups is the best way to work out. There’s not one single perfect way to exercise, but there are, in fact, many benefits to a full-body workout. Here are some of the most significant ones:

No Part of Your Body Will Be Neglected

In theory, the idea of targeting specific muscle groups is great. If you focus on a different muscle group every day, you can ensure that your entire body gets a dedicated workout within the span of a week or a few days. The problem? Reality.

Unfortunately, when you’re taking a targeted approach to working out, it’s all too easy to neglect the more unpleasant workouts. Ever seen a dude with a chest the size of a small barge, walking around on little chicken legs? Yeah, “don’t skip leg day” is a common phrase for a reason.

But there’s more to it than just neglecting your legs. Many people focus specifically on strength workouts and hardly end up building up their endurance because they don’t do cardio. Many women take the opposite approach of the aforementioned chicken-footed men — they put a disproportional focus on their thighs and glutes, leaving their upper body looking like a twig.

Full-body workouts are an obvious solution to this problem. No part of your body will be neglected because every single muscle group will be tested in some way.

Burn More Calories, and Faster

While strength training is an admirable goal in exercising, weight loss is arguably the most common and widespread motivator for people to get in shape. And there’s nothing wrong with that! So, we wouldn’t blame you if you’re looking for a workout that’s particularly efficient at burning calories. Lucky for you, Lagree Fitness full-body workouts do just that.

Full-body workouts tend to be dynamic endeavors that keep you moving. They also tend to work multiple muscle groups at once, forcing them to coordinate energy with each other to facilitate your movement. The more energy you burn, the more calories you’ll shed! As long as you’re working hard, you can expect a more favorable calorie loss ratio than you would targeting muscle groups one-by-one in strength workouts.

It Improves Flexibility

At Re:Gen, it’s an understatement to say we’re fans of flexibility — it’s a major focus in three of our fitness classes (Pilates, yoga, and barre) and we have experienced firsthand how liberating it is to have a body that doesn’t protest against your movements. You don’t know how valuable flexibility is until you’ve attained it, and the good news is that full-body workouts are a great way to get there.

In a Lagree Megaformer workout, you certainly won’t hone your flexibility in the same way that you would in a yoga class, but it’s still an improvement over traditional strength-based muscle-targeting resistance workouts. In the latter workouts, you’re generally doing the same movements over and over. Your body will adapt to those specific moments, but you won’t really reach that full-body flexibility.

Full-body workouts have your body working as a singular unit, so your legs won’t be ignored when you’re working your arms, and vice-versa. This type of coordination greatly increases your range of motion and your familiarity with many kinds of unique movements.

It’s More Consistent

Isolation-based workouts are great if you’re committed to making them happen on a regular schedule. However, life is hectic, and we know how easy it is to end up missing a workout or neglecting gym day. If your workout routine depends on a set “order” of exercises to be carried out day-to-day, certain regions of your body can go neglected if your routine gets interrupted.

Are you lacking confidence in your ability to strictly stick to your workout schedule without interruptions? You wouldn’t be the first, and you sure won’t be the last. It’s tough to commit, especially in the beginning! That’s why full-body workouts are beneficial to people who struggle with inconsistent workout schedules — when your entire body is getting worked every time, you won’t create any gaps in your long-term fitness plan.

Smaller Time Commitment

Time is the great enemy to those who aspire to become more fit. It’s a limited and precious commodity for most working adults, and there are countless commitments competing for it. For far too many people, time ends up being the ultimate victor, as people give up their workouts because they were eating up too much of each day.

This is a common problem for isolated workout routines. Because every muscle group requires its own workout, you have to be pretty consistent to ensure your whole body is getting adequate treatment. This can result in longer workouts, and more of them throughout the week!

With the Lagree Fitness full-body workouts, you can come in for one or two classes a week and still experience an improvement in your physical fitness. While there’s nothing stopping you from going all-in and coming to Re:Gen every day, the bottom line is that it will ultimately demand less time of you than more traditional workouts would.

Easier Recovery

One of the undeniable benefits of isolated workouts is that you pick a muscle group and hit it with everything you have. While this results in more rapid muscle growth, it has an unfortunate side effect — recovery is dreadful! When you work a singular muscle group to exhaustion, you can bet that your body will have extreme amounts of pain in that region for the next few days, especially if you’re just starting out. While a little bit of recovery pain can be invigorating in a way, it can also be a hindrance when it’s so bad that you feel unmotivated to do other workouts.

With a full-body program, the recovery is much more bearable because it’s much more evenly distributed throughout your body. Every part of your body puts in a lot of hard work, but not as much as one single region would in a targeted workout. This means you’ll feel more pain throughout your whole body, but it will be much easier!

Get a Full-Body Workout With the Lagree Megaformer

Looking for an incredible full-body workout that is equal parts strength- and cardio-based? Stop by Re:Gen today and try out the Lagree Program! We are proud to have helped countless residents in Prosper and surrounding areas to meet their fitness goals. This high-intensity, low-impact workout is suitable for people of all ages and body types, and with our highly qualified instructors helping at every turn, it won’t be long before you start shedding pounds, building muscle, and becoming the best version of yourself. Contact us today to get started!


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