Pilates to Relieve Stress

It’s not uncommon for people to wake up in the morning and instantly feel a rush of dread flow through their bodies. There’s work to be done, kids to care for, and no end in sight. With everything that we need to deal with day in and day out, how can we feel more at ease with what’s on our plate? We think the answer is Pilates.

Pilates is a full body exercise that challenges the mind as well. It has been proven to not only improve flexibility, increase strength, and help with body alignment, but it also reduces stress. Pilates can contribute to a healthier emotional state! Here are some of the top ways Pilates can help our mental well-being.

Improve Concentration

It’s tough to take a breath and step back from what’s going on in our lives. We are constantly being distracted by requests, questions, information, and news. With all the information being tossed our way, it’s hard to look closely at how we are feeling and focus on the calm. When you practice Pilates, you need to focus strictly on your body’s movements. By taking the time to concentrate on your movements and your form, you don’t have time to think about anything else in your life. This is the time to live in the present moment and handle only what is in front of you.


Deep and intentional breathing is essential to success in Pilates. This kind of breathing induces a relaxation response in our bodies by decreasing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure. Finally, deep breathing causes our muscles to relax. Any deep breathing exercise will pull more oxygen to the brain, allowing our feel-good chemical (endorphins) to help us handle our stress and anxiety without worry. Pilates has very strict guidelines as to how you should be breathing. Specifically, the workout is all about deep, controlled breaths to guide you through your exercise.


Pilates demands mindfulness, meaning that you live in the moment. Rather than just cruising through the motions and finishing as quickly as possible, you focus on executing each motion with awareness and intention. By practicing mindfulness, both in Pilates and in real life, you can actually improve the quality of your day-to-day life. Mindfulness helps us focus, stay present, and manage our stress better. If traditional meditation isn’t the thing for you, then Pilates might be a good alternative.

Re:Gen Pilates in Prosper

If you are interested in experiencing stress relief and a full-body workout like never before, it’s time to give Pilates a try. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress, but Pilates can take it to the next level. In our classes, we focus on the exact technique and movements you need to get the workout of the lifetime. Together, we can focus on your body’s alignment, strength, and flexibility. The next time you are feeling overwhelmed, come on down to our studio! We look forward to seeing you in class, so contact us today to sign up!


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