What Makes Re:Gen a Successful Pilates Studio?

There are plenty of exercise, cycling, and spin class studios out there and it can often be difficult to get a read on which studio will offer quality programs that best suit your needs. That is exactly why Jennifer Whitley took on her own studio, Re:Gen where she could guarantee that her clients were getting the absolute premier experience. With features in Pilates Style and USAA Magazine, she has proven that her passion and commitment to a personalized and welcoming studio for her clients is a success.

A group of women doing pilates together

State of the Art Pilates and Spin Equipment 

In order to get the best fitness experience out of a studio, you obviously need the best equipment out there. Re:Gen keeps up to date constantly with all of the new spin and pilates equipment so that her clients can reach their fitness goals with efficiency and the confidence that comes with a modern studio environment.






World Class Instruction

When you’re involved in one of the various classes at Re:Gen, you can train with the assurance that your instructors are highly-qualified, knowledgeable, and eager to help you reach your goals and become the best version of yourself that you can be. The Re:Gen studio even offers those that are interested in furthering their own knowledge to sign up for their personalized and comprehensive instructor training program taught by Jennifer Whitley, the Master Pilates Instructor herself.

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High-Quality Client Experience

Whether you are a veteran in the programs or walking through the doors for the very first time, the staff at Re:Gen strives to provide the absolute best experience you can imagine at a fitness studio. The environment is inclusive, welcoming, inviting, and pressure-free so that you can feel relaxed regardless of your present skills or past experience. Every client is treated with the utmost respect and compassion from the word go.





Spa-Like Environment

Re:Gen’s physical environment is just as welcoming and inviting as it’s customer service. The studio is clean, organized, and has the general aesthetic of a relaxing spa. This only adds to the experience as you can feel comfortable and at-ease while you train.


Re:Gen is truly a studio like no other. With a staff who is passionate about people and the craft of teaching fitness, it is no wonder that it has been such a success in the fitness world. Explore our site to learn more about our litany of classes and events. While you’re at it, get in contact today and let us help you bring beauty to your world!

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