Our Six Year Anniversary!

6 years

I can’t believe I have been able to break my record of living in one place for the last few years while seeing the growth and community that Re:Gen means to both of us. In my career it was so hard moving away from clients and starting over however there is truth in the quote “you are supposed to be exactly where you are RIGHT now!” All of these experiences lead to so much learning about business and the industry as a whole. Then to meet my best friend in our last military station before moving to the DFW area and becoming business partners and family, coincidence? I think not.

Bridget and I both strive to stay on top of the shifts and the changes in the mind/body industry. We always want to be at the cutting edge of the trends. With that comes passion in our work and giving our very best to our clients. (Even in the early morning and late hours of the day.) In order to grow you must evolve over time. I love that we get to be a part of this industry together and how well we make it happen TOGETHER.

In the beginning, we put out an indeed job post for a studio that wasn’t even built yet. The people that came to interview have become a very special part of our lives. One story in particular was Vanessa. She showed up in a suit and heels and told us she had a passion to teach but she didn’t teach anything we had. So, we trained her in spin and then she became a comprehensive Pilates instructor and furthering her education she is now teaching Lagree! She is a light that shines bright in our space. The reason we tell this story:  Re:Gen is truly about the people! Vanessa is now in nursing school thriving and teaching for us when she can. We are so proud of her and that’s us! It’s who we are. It’s what Re:Gen is. If you ,as a client, have a dream or to our instructors who dream big,  we believe in YOU and are 100% backing you. We love seeing others rise. We love seeing others grow, feel their very best, and find newfound confidence in who they are.

All of our instructors are considered family. We work hard and we love hard. Sometimes we sit back and think “Wow, how did we get here?” It’s not just Jen and Bridget. It is Re:Gen as a whole. We celebrate the positive moments, and we work through the negative. That is what family is about. We feel the same about our clients. We enjoy our clients’ and instructors’ successes in and out of the studio. We cheer you on and want the best for you, even from the sidelines! We love our staff fiercely and support each other no matter what. Our clients and instructors are the heart of our business. Thank you for allowing us to serve you and to be a part of your journey. None of us are on the same path, and that’s what makes the world go around.

For our 6th Anniversary we are blessed and grateful! Cheers to our clients and instructor’s success and to many more years of serving our community. We love you all!


Jen and Bridget

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