Yoga Teacher Training Opportunity

What Inspired the Re:Vive Yoga Training Program?

I confess: I decided to try yoga for all the wrong reasons. The truth? I needed 3 Kinesiology units and yoga fit neatly between English and Astronomy. “How hard could it be? After all, I’m bendy! This will be a cinch! Easiest A EVER!” I thought to myself. My journey into yoga began as a space filler, something that seemed like it would satisfy my need to be instantly good at something, something that wasn’t a risk…

Halfway through my first Sun Salutation, reality hit me like a freight train. Yoga was NOT easy, I was terrible at it, and being bendy didn’t matter. It was WORK. Hard work—hard enough to consider giving up! But something flickered inside of me. A strange blend of struggle and confidence began to glow within me. Could I actually ENJOY the experience of struggling? Make peace with it? Find inspiration in it?

The answer surprised me. It changed me forever and led me into a career I could have never imagined. Over the past 10 years, I have taught thousands of students and trained dozens of teachers in the art and discipline of yoga in hopes of sharing that same discovery I found on accident: the work is the gift and our bodies are the teacher.

What Sets Re:Vive Yoga Training Apart?

And that is exactly how I have designed our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program— in order to discover the true gift of the work on our mats, we have to tune into what our bodies already know. The body is the ultimate teacher; we just have to learn to speak its language. Re:Vive Yoga Teacher Training is perfect for anyone who is seeking to understand that language at an in-depth, experiential level. Re:Vive Yoga Teacher Training graduates leave our program with deep rooted understanding of intention, trajectory, and presence in their practice and can use that knowledge to share with their own students or to simply enhance their own yoga journey.

There are dozens of teacher trainings across the DFW area, many of which have dozens of trainees enrolled. Re:Vive is different. I strongly believe in the power of personal mentorship, which is why I keep our cohorts limited to 6 students. I want every student who graduates from our program to feel as though they’ve received the personalized support necessary to progress along their own unique journey and find ways to share the gift of yoga in a way that is authentic to their experience.

Now is Your Time

Is your body calling you to learn its language? Is the gift of the work on your mat calling you to go deeper? Do you sense there is something more to your practice, but can‘t discern what it might be?

I’m ready to take you there! Join our interest list for our 2024 Yoga Teacher Training session, beginning January 27, 2024 by clicking the link below. We’ll keep you in the loop regarding info sessions, upcoming trainings, yoga workshops, and more.

See you on your mat! Who knows, maybe your mat will be in the teacher’s spot one day!

-Casey Merkling

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