Welcome to our studio! We have put a lot of love and effort into our space to make everyone feel welcome when they are working out. Working out is hard, but why not have a beautiful space to workout in?! You deserve it! The Do’s & Don’ts Now onto the “not so fun stuff”. Studio […]

What Inspired the Re:Vive Yoga Training Program? I confess: I decided to try yoga for all the wrong reasons. The truth? I needed 3 Kinesiology units and yoga fit neatly between English and Astronomy. “How hard could it be? After all, I’m bendy! This will be a cinch! Easiest A EVER!” I thought to myself. […]

We advise that, if possible, you plan ahead for your weeks and book your classes in advance.  This is a great motivational start for you and helps ensure that you get signed up for the classes that work best with your schedule.  If a class is full that you would like to take, you may still have the option to […]

6 years I can’t believe I have been able to break my record of living in one place for the last few years while seeing the growth and community that Re:Gen means to both of us. In my career it was so hard moving away from clients and starting over however there is truth in […]

If you find yourself falling into the trap of negative self-talk, I want to write a gentle, sweet reminder letter just for you! 

Some People may ask us at Re:Gen, “Why are our classes not leveled?” To understand the Pilates method a bit better, I will take you back to the days of Pilates being mostly private to semi-private sessions. This is because Pilates is truly about each individuals’ bodies and not one body is made the same. […]

You’ve felt it on your mat– there’s more to yoga than just the poses. There’s a curiosity that’s sparked within you when you begin to connect your mind, body, and breath together and you may be feeling called to explore your yoga practice deeper, maybe even share the joy of yoga with others. We are […]

Re:Gen Pilates has been founded on friendship and the desire to help people sustain a healthier lifestyle. We have always stated that Re:Gen’s mission is to be a conduit to an all-inclusive fitness facility that helps elevate our clients to their greatest fitness potential and also to form a community that elevates each other through […]

Our story is unique. Just like our friendship. Jen and I met when our daughters danced together. I was a runner. All I did was run and in the process, I hurt my back. Jen was a Pilates instructor and owned studios all over due to her husband and his military career. After weeks of […]

MEET JENNIFER WHITLEY – LEAD INSTRUCTOR/OWNER Jen began at an early age dancing, which was the beginning of movement for her. As she got older, she continued her dancing in all genres, while also pursuing her gift in singing. From the age of 9-30 years of age Jen was performing and touring for concerts and […]